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4 Key Topics To Consider When House Hunting In Coral Gables

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When starting your home buying search with me as your Realtor, it’s important to discuss certain key topics that will determine the success of our search. This preliminary but essential discussion will allow me to make the best decisions on which homes would fit your needs and keep you on track to finding your next home in Coral Gables!

1- Price Range – This drives all searches. As a buyer, you must have understanding of what you can actually afford. This requires talking to a local mortgage lender to obtain a Pre-Approval so you can be ready to submit an offer as soon as you find the home for you. Do your homework as this is KEY to a successful home search. Coral Gables has homes from $350,000 (albeit few and FAR between!) and on up to over $10,000,000! Price range will determine which areas within Coral Gables we should focus on.

2- Wish List – This is what you would ideally like in a home if all the stars aligned. This may include how many bedrooms or bathrooms you prefer to have or whether you definitely want a pool or not. Maybe you would like the house to be updated, or you prefer to put your finishing touches on a home. All these details help us navigate to the right house for you.

3- Deal Breakers – These are things that you absolutely can’t live without (or live with!). For example, many Coral Gables homes are on smaller lots, and if it is essential to be able to add a pool in the future, it would be critical to verify the lot size is big enough to allow for that addition. Small master bedroom closets are also typical in Coral Gables homes. If this is an issue for you, it will narrow down our pool of available homes.

4- Time Frame – Are you flexible? Do you need to close by a certain date before your current lease ends? Understanding how much time you have to buy a house will determine which houses we should see and which we should avoid.

Discussing these four points with you, will help me guide you to your future Coral Gables home! To view current Coral Gables homes for sale, click here.

If you are considering buying or selling in Coral Gables, please feel free to contact me and benefit from the Strength of My Experience. 305.329.7770 | [email protected]