It’s June which means muggy South Florida summers are back but in Coral Gables that’s not an issue.
Most homes offer the respite of a refreshing pool. It surely is a great selling feature in Miami real estate. 

Here are some of my favorite pools that have helped seal the deal for home buyers as of late.

Like many of the pools I prefer, this simple pool is made inviting due to the moody lighting and landscaping.
It seems laid back and welcoming.

This pool seems like the ideal spot for meditation and self-reflection. It was always impressive to buyers!

Although this pool is straightforward, it allows the home and the landscape to be the star while offering a refreshing retreat.
Add some loungers and cocktails, it could be the star of the party.

I’ve featured this pool in many of my marketing materials because it is quintessential Old Florida.

With the charming home as the backdrop and the crisp decking, this large pool is a memory maker.

Many in South Florida look for resort living and this pool area delivers!

My ultimate favorite pool in South Florida happens not to be in Coral Gables. Instead, it is in Coconut Grove and it is mine.
I love it because of all the memories made: pool parties, chicken fights, splashes, moonlight swims and because we hosted my daughter’s wedding around it.

No matter the size or shape of a pool in one’s home – it is a guarantee to help make memories and add value to your home.
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