Purchasing a home is an exciting albeit significant life decision. A buyer must do thorough research and be clear as to his/her home purchase priorities. Although the internet is a terrific research tool – over 92% of homebuyers use the web to preview homes – it is no substitute for a knowledgeable Realtor. Below is a quick snapshot of a typical buying process when buying a Coral Gables or Coconut Grove home.

I've organized it in four neat buckets for visual appeal but I could have easily made this similar to a Hurricane Spaghetti Model. Luckily, I will always simplify the process for YOU. That's what I'm here for!

1. Neighborhoods of Interest

Do you want to be in a family friendly neighborhood like Pinecrest or Palmetto Bay or a historic, centrally located Coral Gables or maybe you crave the bohemian lifestyle in Coconut Grove?

Narrow down the communities which interest you to make your results most relevant.
2. Budget

How much of a monthly mortgage can you afford? Keep in mind insurance, property taxes and initial closing costs. Use this mortgage calculator to provide a general idea of property price ranges you should be focusing on.

If working with me, I can recommend a list of trusted mortgage brokers to assist with financing and budget information

3. Property Wish List

Are you looking for a home or a condo? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Would you like a pool, a media room, water views, a gourmet kitchen, a sizable lot? So many items to consider…take your time to carefully prioritize your wish list to ensure finding your dream home.