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February 10, 2015
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February 24, 2015

Coral Gables On The Map

Coral Gables, coveted by South Florida homebuyers, seems to be the favorite of international companies and CEOs too. In today’s Miami Herald business section, Coral Gables was featured as “often (the) first choice for… Miami headquarters.” In the extensive article, the Coral Gables Mayor, James Cason, mentions that “The Gables has become a hub in particular for companies with ties to or interests in Latin America and the Caribbean.”  With proximity to the Miami International Airport, restaurants, and convenient hotels, the city truly is well positioned to attract headquarters.

Coral Gables Source: Miami Herald

It doesn’t hurt that executives also want to live in Coral Gables. Charm abounds and let’s be honest, it is an opportunity to achieve a semblance of work/life balance by minimizing one’s commute. I know that’s a big selling point when I assist with an executive relocation client.