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February 24, 2014
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February 28, 2014

Guest Post: Black & White Decor Inspiration

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Interior Designer Maria Elena Holguin on several occasions. She is beyond talented! I thought she could pop over from time to time and inspire us. And she’s doing just that today after being inspired herself with the recent Fashion Week in NYC.

Little Black Details

by Maria Elena Holguin

Black and white are strong staples in many fashion collections this year. Actually, they are a constant most years. This contrast duo parlays splendidly in home design. Black & white details have always portrayed classic elegance and you can always add it to your home and make a statement in a big way. Get inspired and splash your walls, kitchen, bath & accessories with black & white.



The black & white color palettes simplicity makes accenting with other colors easy and stylish — or you can decorate the entire room in black and white for a unique decorator touch.


We all know how color affects an overall mood of a room. With this color combo, white helps to create a sense of space while black creates drama. You can create many styles with these colors including modern, retro and playful.

I’m personally using this striking vanity with white sinks in one of Carole’s client’s homes. Black and white is a go to in my closet and in my work as well! For more inspiration visit me online.