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Guest Post: Outdoor Sacred Space

As you may know, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Interior Designer Maria Elena Holguin on several occasions. She shares her expertise with us from time to time. She is inspiring us again today with her insight into exterior spaces, a key component in Miami real estate!  

Outdoor Scared Space

by Maria Elena Holguin

Designing a sacred space involves creating areas in our homes to pause and reflect on our lives in the context of something greater than ourselves, be it family, community, nature or even our connection to the universe.


The Chinese culture believes we are connected to the places where we live. They have been using the art of Feng Shui for thousands of years. Feng Shui  which means “wind and water” is the oldest method of holistic healing through the environment.

Incorporate Serene Spaces in your outdoor terrace by adding fire, water andmusic. When you are not having a party you can relax and meditate in any corner.


Water exudes calm and fire gives warmth. Add  rich woods, abundant but soft light, a strong connection to nature and you get common design elements for generating a soothing surrounding.

There is life in a stone, a plant, a tree and even water. When we are in a serene garden we connect to an ‘aliveness’ that resides in these living forms.

Pathways that lead to a meditation area can easily be created with stepping stones, a garden bench and 3 layers of colorful hedges.

The energy (feeling) in our living spaces affects the quality of our lives.  The home is an extension of our body, our well-being, and our livelihood.


Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, will be a reward to your body.
We begin by laying out a plan and Introducing the elements of Water & Fire throughout the Space.



Nothing adds a more serene feeling to an outdoor living space than the warmth and glow of a flame from a fire pit or the soothing sound of a water feature. Pair them together and you have the centerpiece for your Sacred space.

Maria Elena Holguin, ASI, Holguin Interiors, LLC,