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Miami: Top Ten U.S. City

A recent study by the real estate company Movoto ranked Miami among the top ten US cities. Throughout the year they rank cities by every imaginable criteria: top meat lovers city, best dressed city, most nerdy city, etc. Now they’ve compiled all the rankings and developed a top ten list. Miami placed 9th. There are a few points I could argue with in their recap, but I agree  that we’re one of the top places to live – so I’ll give them a pass. Read below for details!

Movoto's Best Cities in America 2013

Source: Wikipedia user Marc Averette


Best Dressed: 3rd Funniest: 8th Healthiest: 16th
Meat Lovers: 4th Most Steampunk: 8th Most Exciting: 26th
Smartest: 5th Nerdiest: 8th Hardest Working: 28th
Food Lovers: 6th Home Buyers: 15th Family Friendly: 45th
Movie Lovers: 7th Preppiest: 15th Most Saintly: 46th

According to Movoto: It might not be very family friendly (45th) or saintly (46th), but boy if Miami doesn’t look good. The Florida metro’s highest rank was in Best Dressed, where it placed third overall, but it got high marks for Meat Lovers (fourth) and Smartest (fifth) too.


Actually, Miami earned itself several top 10 finishes, with the likes of Food Lovers, Movie Lovers, Funniest, and Nerdiest. Hardest Working was pretty low at 28th, but we suspect that’s due to all the nightlife, which in turn takes us back to those near-last-place finishes for Family Friendly and Most Saintly. READ FULL ARTICLE

If Movoto wants to know what part of town is family friendly, they should call me! Coral Gables and Pinecrest would change their minds!