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All major real estate elements can easily be added to any post/page as a shortcode with a single click, straight from the text editor. Below are all custom real estate shortcodes with example code and shortcode output.

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Real Estate Shortcodes

Real Estate Shortcodes

[/column] [/row] [section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Property Listing[/section_title]

The property listing shortcode comes with plenty of filters. The example below show all apartments (type) in london (location) that are for rent (status) with air conditioning (features), available from Sept 01 2014 (available_from), with a max price of 5000 (max_price) in a three column-layout (columns) with three properties per page (per_page).

[[property_listing colums="3" per_page="3" location="london" status="rent" type="apartment" features="air-conditioning" max_price="5000" min_rooms="2" available_from="20140901"]]
[property_listing colums=”3″ per_page=”3″ location=”london” status=”rent” type=”apartment” features=”air-conditioning” max_price=”5000″ min_rooms=”2″ available_from=”20140901″]

Make sure to use the slug for “location”, “status”, “type” and “features”. Format of “available_from” is: YYYYMMDD

[section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Featured Properties[/section_title]

Properties can be set “Featured” with a single click from the property detail page.

[[featured_properties columns="3"]]
[featured_properties columns=”3″] [section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Single Property[/section_title]

Insert any single property anywhere on your site by referencing its post ID.

[row] [column md=”6″]
[[single_property id="297"]]
[single_property id=”297″] [/column] [column md=”6″]
[[single_property id="95"]]
[single_property id=”95″] [/column] [/row] [section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Agents[/section_title]

Use the following shortcode to display your entire team of agents on your “About” page or within a blog post.

[[agents columns="3"]]
[agents columns=”3″] [section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Testimonials[/section_title]

Custom post type “Testimonials” works the same as a normal blog post.

[testimonials columns="2"]
    Coconut Grove Real estate
  • It was such a pleasure working with you.Your professionalism is unparalleled and it is very obvious why you hold the most valuable real estate listings in town. Meeting wonderful people like yourself definitely reaffirms our decision to relocate to the mainland from Miami Beach. Both my husband and I are very excited about the Grove Community and especially what is in store for the future. I guarantee that you will see us walking into town every weekend, walking to school everyday, playing tennis at our little court and making the most of our new community. Thank you so much for being so beautiful and kind. -C & R
  • My husband and I met Carole when we moved to Miami. We were looking for a home and having met several other real estate professionals, Carole immediately stood out as someone we would prefer to work with. She helped us navigate a tricky purchase and offered plenty of advice. She has a wealth of knowledge of Miami and was always willing to share. We trust her completely. Carole is generous with her time and patience and has always picked up my call through the years to offer a recommendation or help. When it came time to sell our home for a corporate relocation, we would never have considered using the company's assigned Realtor. Although the other realtor was a lovely person, nothing could compare with Carole's professionalism, the relationship she had earned with us, and the trust we had established. Her reputation is impeccable in our community and she has earned it with good reason. Should we move back to Miami, she will be our first call.
    Farrar Arch
  • Having participated in about thirty personal real estate transactions over many years both in the US and abroad,two of which were with Carole Smith, I want to comment on Carole's superior performance as a Realtor. She presents a rare combination of integrity, capability, diligence and wisdom with a very pleasant personality. Further, she is an excellent, clear and prompt communicator. She's simply the best!
    D. Milton
  • I am so thankful for the hard work of Carole and her team. They are truly professional, hard working, immediately responsive, and one step ahead of the game. Carole's resourcefulness navigated me through a complicated sale and purchase. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who is looking for a collaborative real estate agent who respectfully balances client autonomy and preference with her own expert advise and strategy.
    Maggie Sibley
  • Carole was the seller's broker. Yet from my first very straightforward conversation with her, I felt certain she was thoroughly professional and had the best interests of a sound deal and this extraordinary house always in mind. I promptly came to have great trust in her wisdom and judgment. She was immensely helpful in the smoothest possible transition from offer to closing. I would surely use her for any future transaction I contemplate and would recommend her most highly to anyone, buyer or seller, looking in the Miami area. She is the greatest!
    Phil Curt
  • Carole is an amazing realtor, dedicated, organized, knowledgeable, professional, and very easy to work with. She really listened to all our priorities and concerns. Our experience in selling our home in Pinecrest was very good, thanks to her. Carole was constantly assessing the market and we feel we got top dollars for our house. She was on top at each step of the sale process showing first class negotiations skills, responding promptly, providing accurate information, and helpful advice. We recommend Carole without hesitation. She is the best!!! Thank you Carole!
    Carlos Goldenberg
[section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Property Search Form[/section_title]

Fully customizable property search, built on top af Advanced Custom Fields Pro.

[property_search_form] [section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Map[/section_title]

Insert custom property maps anywhere on your site. Set location, zoom level, and map height. You can add your own Google Maps styles or insert any existing map style you find online. Simply copy+paste the map style code under “Appearance > Theme Options > Map > Map Style”.

[map address="London, UK" zoomlevel="12" height="400px"]
[section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Latest Posts[/section_title]

Show a preview of your latest blog posts anywhere on your site. Set number of posts and columns.

[[latest_posts posts="3" columns="2"]]
[latest_posts posts=”3″ columns=”2″]