February 24, 2016


My husband and I met Carole when we moved to Miami. We were looking for a home and having met several other real estate professionals, Carole immediately stood out as someone we would prefer to work with. She helped us navigate a tricky purchase and offered plenty of advice. She has a wealth of knowledge of Miami and was always willing to share. We trust her completely. Carole is generous with her time and patience and has always picked up my call through the years to offer a recommendation or help. When it came time to sell our home for a corporate relocation, we would never have considered using the company’s assigned Realtor.

Although the other realtor was a lovely person, nothing could compare with Carole’s professionalism, the relationship she had earned with us, and the trust we had established. Her reputation is impeccable in our community and she has earned it with good reason. Should we move back to Miami, she will be our first call.