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May 2, 2014
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May 6, 2014

Two Sides To Every Story

SoldQuite often, I represent a buyer and a seller in a transaction.  I am what is called a “Transaction Agent.” I have an obligation to treat both parties honestly and fairly.  When you list with me, my focus is to grant you the most favorable results and negotiate on your behalf so when I am also representing the Buyer, this can sometimes feel like a conflict of interest.

In a recent sale of a Coconut Grove home, the stars aligned.  I was representing knowledgeable, trusting sellers and an ideal property when a Buyer took an interest in the home. He was not working with a Realtor so I provided unbiased, factual advice to assist in his decision making.  A deal was struck in all parties best interest.

It’s very rewarding to know that two families trusted me to secure the best deal for them without fear that I would be unethical or bias. It was even more rewarding to receive this endearing note from my terrific client:

Carole was the seller’s broker. Yet from my first very straightforward conversation with her, I felt certain she was thoroughly professional and had the best interests of a sound deal and this extraordinary house always in mind. I promptly came to have great trust in her wisdom and judgment. She was immensely helpful in the smoothest possible transition from offer to closing. 

I would surely use her for any future transaction I contemplate and would recommend her most highly to anyone, buyer or seller, looking in the Miami area. She is the greatest!


A great postscript to this sale is that the Sellers threw a great party to introduce the new owners to the neighbors.  How wonderful is that?