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Best Holiday Card This Year

Carole Smith

I receive a great number of well wishes and cards during the holidays but I have to say this was a standout for me and my team this year. What a joy to work for such appreciative and kind clients! I’ve sold 5 homes for them and am thrilled every time they are ready for their next project!
Sent: Monday, December 24, 2018 12:03 PM
To: Carole Smith 
Subject: Feliz Natal!!!!!!
Dear Carole,
One more adventure together is near to ending…..it has been so good working with you!!!
You are such a great professional and a wonderful human being!
I am already missing you!
Thank you so much for walking me through the difficult Miami real estate world!
You were always right and always surprising!
Thank you for being effective, practical, but also passionate!
To bring ideas, emotion and clear thinking!
Million thanks to your beautiful team of sweet, clear and strong ladies!
It was always a great pleasure to work with you all!
A really wonderful Christmas And the best time with your beautiful family!
Big hugs from both of us!!!!!


Carole and Cristina believe that our homes are an important part of our lives, giving us shelter, security, and a means of self-expression. Separate from the constraints of necessity, many homes are a microcosm for the things we hold most dear — family, memories, relaxation and sense of belonging.

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