Instagram Makes It Harder

Carole Smith

Instagram Has Made It Harder to Sell Your Home
Let’s face it, Pinterest and Instagram have elevated our expectation of every kid’s birthday party, vacation photo, fashion trend and everything in between. But where I see the most tangible impact of these highly visual media platforms is with home buyers’ expectations. They expect homes to be insta-worthy and ready for an editorial photo exposé, regardless of price range.
Buyers are now attuned to Mary Kondo’s decluttering and HGTVs design stars. This bombardment of all things “perfect” has skewed buyers’ perceptions of homes for sale. It is beyond the hope of move-in ready. They are expecting the homes they are considering purchasing to be magazine centerfolds!
Gone are the days when I can remind buyers that the Mediterranean orange wall color can be painted, that chipped tile can be replaced or that the bland curb appeal can be transformed with hearty landscaping. Our instantaneous technology has definitely seeped into our day to day lives. Buyers want it all. Now.
Sellers who want to make top dollar and sell in the least amount of time must view their home as a product and prepare it to appeal to the largest segment of home buyers including their lofty standards. It can be a touchy conversation to have with someone who has cherished memories in their home as they prepare to place it on the market. Afterall, homes are a unique representation of who we are. To explain to someone that their furniture is oversized and detracting from the floor plan or that their outdoor pavers are moldy and in need of cleaning can be off-putting. A Realtor®, however, that is not willing to have the tough conversation with you in the hopes of showcasing your home in the best light, is not a Realtor® you should align with.
Of course, staging, painting, landscaping, home repairs and the like are an expensive investment. But what if you could complete all necessary home repairs and preparation before placing your home for sale and not pay a dime until the time you sell your house? This is what some of my savvy clients are doing and it’s a game changer!
Exclusive to Compass, our Concierge program is among a suite of services designed to prepare your home for the market. My team and I identify every opportunity to elevate your home's value and improve your selling experience.
Once the necessary improvements have been determined, Compass will cover all upfront costs, collecting payment for the services rendered at the time of your property's closing. By investing in your home's potential, we aim to make your home Instagram-worthy and more importantly, appeal to potential buyers resulting in a swifter, more profitable sale.


Carole and Cristina believe that our homes are an important part of our lives, giving us shelter, security, and a means of self-expression. Separate from the constraints of necessity, many homes are a microcosm for the things we hold most dear — family, memories, relaxation and sense of belonging.

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