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Miami in the Millions

Cristina Formosa

Miami has long been synonymous with luxury living, attracting high-net-worth individuals from around the world to its dynamic paradise. The city's luxury real estate market has been experiencing a remarkable surge, with an increasing number of ultra-luxury properties hitting the market and fetching staggering prices. According to current statistics, the luxury sector of Miami real estate is thriving, with a significant percentage of home sales in Miami-Dade County surpassing the $5 million mark.

In recent years, Miami-Dade County has seen a substantial uptick in the sale of luxury properties, namely in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Miami Beach. The latest data reveals that a remarkable 12% of home sales are now exceeding the $5 million threshold. This represents a substantial increase from previous years, highlighting our growing allure. The city's vibrant cultural scene, favorable tax environment, and unparalleled waterfront lifestyle continue to attract affluent buyers seeking a slice of the Miami lifestyle.

The allure of Miami's luxury real estate market can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, Miami's prime waterfront locations offer unparalleled views and access to pristine beaches, making it a haven for those seeking an exclusive coastal lifestyle. Additionally, the city's thriving arts and culture scene, world-class dining, and vibrant nightlife contribute to its appeal among high-net-worth individuals. Furthermore, Miami's status as a global financial center and its favorable tax environment make it an attractive destination for luxury property investment.

The surge in luxury home sales has also been fueled by cash buyers and an influx of relocation buyers, particularly from New York, California Latin America, and beyond. "Nearly half of all Miami-Dade buyers pay with cash so South Florida is more insulated versus high mortgage rates. And South Florida migration, both domestically and internationally, remains high according to new driver-license exchange data.” said MIAMI Realtors Chairman of the Board Gus Fonte.

The remarkable growth of the luxury sector in Miami real estate is not just a testament to the city's allure but also presents lucrative opportunities for both buyers and sellers. For sellers, the current market conditions offer an opportune moment to capitalize on the significant appreciation of their investments. Meanwhile, buyers are presented with an expanding inventory of luxury homes, each offering a chance to own a piece of Miami's coveted lifestyle.

As the luxury sector continues to flourish, it's clear that Miami's appeal as a destination for affluent living remains undiminished. With the percentage of home sales surpassing the $5 million mark on the rise, the future of Miami's luxury real estate market looks promising. This trend not only highlights the city's enduring attractiveness but also signals the growing confidence of buyers in the luxury real estate market, ensuring that Miami remains at the forefront of global luxury destinations.


Carole and Cristina believe that our homes are an important part of our lives, giving us shelter, security, and a means of self-expression. Separate from the constraints of necessity, many homes are a microcosm for the things we hold most dear — family, memories, relaxation and sense of belonging.

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