Searching for Sunshine

Carole Smith

South Florida has long been a favorite of tranplants, bohemians, Europeans, Latin Americans, retirees, and Northeasterners. Afterall, who doesn't want their turn in the sun?
The current upheaval has crystallized everyone's desire to feel at home, have room to roam, soak in the fresh air (and enjoy tax breaks). The Miami real estate market checks all these boxes.
With over 25 years experience in this market, the last 6 months I've ever witnessed the highest demand from Northeasterners inquiring about properties in this area. My team and I understand the complexity of dealing with out of towners who require insider knowledge, integrity and guidance.
With low property inventory levels and high expectations, turn to us to secure your turn in the sun.


Carole and Cristina believe that our homes are an important part of our lives, giving us shelter, security, and a means of self-expression. Separate from the constraints of necessity, many homes are a microcosm for the things we hold most dear — family, memories, relaxation and sense of belonging.

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